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Things I Wish I'd Known Regarding Cutting Yourself Some Slack

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in "to-do's"?

As "coupled" parents - balancing home, family and career can be challenging.

Take one person out of the equation and it's downright overwhelming.

As a mostly single parent with my ex on the opposite coast, I get it. Whether one child or three (or more) there are an incredible amount of "to-do's"- I'd name them, but it'd probably stress you (and me) out even more! It's never-ending - and if you're a single parent - I feel you.

So you go about your business and you do what you can do to get everything done in a day - and you don't succeed. Do you feel anxious and stressed? Disappointed and mad at yourself? Often those emotions are what I feel when faced with incompletion. So what do I do?

I cut myself some slack.

I pause, prioritize, and more importantly - let some things go.

Pausing allows me to take a break from the rush - to take a breather and take stock of all that has to be done.

By prioritizing, I know I'm getting the most important things completed, and the things that can wait - do. If I don't get to that post I wanted to get up today? There's always tomorrow. Didn't get to the grocery store? The kids are fine with another pasta dinner. It's ok if your day is perfectly imperfect. Release some of the pressure to get it all done, and take pride in getting through most of your list.

As I read recently in Bustle, "it's important to take stock of the things you've already accomplished, as well as things that are going well in your life right now.". Either make a list on paper, or simply review the list in your head. Acknowledge and give yourself credit for all you've completed. When that's done, take time for yourself to relax and regroup, reward yourself for an efficient day in whatever way you choose, and be ready for the next day's list of to-do's.

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