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Things I Wish I'd Known...

What if you could get divorce advice that can only be learned from people that have gone through it?

I was the first of my friends to get divorced.

I relied on paid experts and information found on countless websites, along with some intense rantings on a few social media groups as I began to navigate this scary course.

Then I found my divorced friends. These women I connected with were strong, smart, independent, and honest. Some were just starting the process, the lucky ones were done - and all had invaluable advice to share to help me along my journey and get me to the other side a better version of myself.

Starting today, I'm sharing them with you.

Introducing "Things I Wish I'd Known," a series of posts and blogs where I get to share wisdom from my personal network with you. These are real quotes, from real women who have all been through divorce and lived to tell the tale - to share their advice with me, and now with you. It'll be presented in easily digestible bites as I know you've got plenty to think about at the moment. My hope is simply that my friends, peers and I can help make this journey easier for you. Note that all posts will be anonymous to protect the identity of all parties involved.

If there's advice you want to share regarding any phase of the divorce process, please send me an email or dm me on social media and I'll be sure to include your thoughts in one of my posts.

Thank you in advance for your sage words, and thank you of course for

your support of my endeavors to help those who need it.

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