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Life is Tough. So Are You.

In conversations with friends, family and peers, a common thread has been emerging lately... Life. Is. Tough.

As a divorced mom of three I am constantly faced with challenges - How to be the best parent I can be, feeling guilty when I lose control, how to raise kind, empathetic kids, how to get them to be responsible people- caring for people and the environment they live in, how to feel secure in myself and my future, how to maintain a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle and have more of myself to give to them and to others, how to feel fulfilled, happy, content... just to name a few lol.

When I'm feeling down, I know I can turn to friends, family, and professionals for support. Or, I take it upon myself to do the things that feel good - a ride on the peloton, a delicious (and maybe indulgent) meal, a crisp glass of wine, a hug from my babies, a snuggle and a show, an intense game of uno, a nice, long, hot bath... there are so many things - small things - we can do to lift our spirits. It may take some self-motivation, it may take motivation from others. But it's so important to just do something to flip the switch, shift our mindset, pivot towards a better place. And when we do those things, we are reminded that while life can be tough...




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