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I Am Woman

My post yesterday was about strong foundations for new beginnings. Today - I want to point out that every day can be a new beginning.

I had a first date scheduled last night for 8pm He cancelled on me, at 7:30, as my babysitter walked in the door. I wasn't upset - I really didn't feel a connection but was pushing to go to get myself out there But I was inconvenienced and annoyed that someone would have such disregard for my time

I woke up this morning, with this song in my head I then got on a zoom with a new, all female networking group We introduced ourselves, shared some stories and ideas and we all championed "Girl Power"

Between speaking with some strong, "bad-ass" women- smart women, funny women - who want to help each other succeed And the lyrics of this song I am feeling restored, refreshed, and ready for anything that comes my way

So, for all of you women feeling a bit "meh" today, I wanted to share this verse from "I am Woman" Repeat it in your head, sing it out loud, whatever you need to do to feel empowered today.

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