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Dollars and Sense

Divorce can be an expensive proposition. That first retainer check to your lawyer is usually the beginning and not the end. Thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more can be spent throughout the process on any number of professionals who are expertly trained in disciplines to help you navigate divorce - lawyers, mediators, therapists, etc. These experts get paid for their time and that time adds up faster than you can imagine. Every call, question and email with you means time. Every call and email they have with your spouse’s counsel is time. There are no deadlines, and more time means more money out of your pocket. While these experts may be 100% necessary for negotiating and settling your divorce, they may be inefficient with your dollars. I don’t diminish their necessity, but the problem is twofold: 1) They are spending a lot of time explaining the process to you and 2) They are leading the process and strategy and you are not.

That is not how it needs to be.

To make the most of your time with these experts you must show up well informed. You must show up with as much figured out prior to your first meeting as possible. You must show up with a plan so you can direct and lead the process rather than the process leading you. While this may seem overwhelming, I assure you it is not. You simply do exactly what you would do before trying anything difficult in your life - you learn, ask questions, take notes and gain knowledge. This knowledge enables you to understand what is going to happen before it happens. Look at it this way - would you forego the instruction and video before your first skydive? Would you skip the hours of training before your first deepwater dive? You must first navigate and understand the basics before you begin the ride.

Our divorce was ultimately negotiated through an amazing mediator with our trusted attorneys by our sides. While I loved my attorney and know she got us to a fair settlement, there were countless dollars I could have saved had I come to her as a well prepared and a less emotional client. I needed someone to guide me through the quagmire of financial documents and statements. I needed someone who could help me see the opportunity in my future, the options that would be open to me, and the life I can reclaim as my own. While my lawyer helped me do this, I was paying top dollar for it. I could have spent 1/4 of the money if I had a thinking partner, someone who understands the process - financial and emotional - and could ask the questions to enable me to show up prepared and confident.

Let me repeat that, I could have spent 75% less on my divorce and a fraction of the time. Time and money that could and should have gone to my family and our future.

This is why divorce coaching is so necessary and so powerful. Done right, divorce coaching allows you to understand every step of the process and the outcome you want before it starts.

It will save you months if not years of stress and uncertainty. Remember, time is money and knowledge is power. Engaging a coach can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that will enable you to enter your next chapter with financial security, and peace of mind, free to embrace your best self and free to create a fulfilling new life for you and your family.

Whether you have already started the divorce process or are considering taking that, very difficult, step to initiate a divorce, I would like to help.

Let’s have a candid and confidential conversation. No sales pitch, I promise. Just allow me the opportunity to see if I can help you get this done quicker and more affordably.

Click here to schedule a call with me.

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