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A Pause for Personal Retooling

Took a little break from social media posting to do some life retooling when I came across this illustration that just about sums up my transitions of late. Thank you Liz Fosslein for this easy to follow diagram on how to be productive!

I'm working hard to incorporate more of the bottom pie into my regular routine, and I have to say, with a balanced and healthier lifestyle I feel better mentally and physically, get more done in my day, and am a calmer, happier mom for my kids. I am 100% more productive.

That being said, there is one thing I'd add to the bottom chart - and that is social interaction. Whether getting together with friends for a walk, a drink, or a bite to eat, going on a date, or networking to connect with and learn from other professionals, social interaction feeds my soul, fuels me and inspires me, and definitively contribute to my productivity.

Now that I've been productive behind the scenes, you'll be hearing more from me out in the public space - always feel free to share thoughts, comments or just say hi! I can be reached on the contact page here, or follow me on social media @regardingdivorce and send me a dm!

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