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You Are Getting Divorced. 

Now What?

It's natural to get scared and lost in the divorce process. From emotional overwhelm to the minute details of the process, it's easy to find yourself feeling confused, panicked and at a loss for options. I can empathize, I've been there.

With your emotions flaring you need a thinking partner to help you explore the paths necessary to get you back to who you are when you’re at your best - to restore your confidence, regain motivation, refocus your direction and reintroduce excitement for the future. Together, we will uncover all of the opportunity that lies ahead.

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- Rachael Entine, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

About Me

I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and have created a unique practice that supports women through every aspect of the divorce, transition and recovery process. Using a proven coaching framework, you will:

- Gain a trusted thinking partner, enabling you to be a credible client for your expert partners and approach negotiations with a rational mindset.

- Be guided towards discovering the ideal outcomes for you and your family, and how to achieve those results. 

- Regain confidence, focus and direction for the future as we identify and map out your next stage of life. 

You will benefit from my training and experience! 

Get unstuck, gain forward momentum, and make progress towards a quick and cost efficient resolution. Learn from a partner who will guide you through those trying times to regain footing and get your (much deserved) life back on track faster. Embrace all of your future potential!

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My Blog

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How We Will Work Together

YOU are at the center of it all. 

I will be your candid but impartial advocate. 

If you are considering divorce, in the process or recovering from this major life change, you will have a partner by your side until the divorce process is finished and you feel settled in your “new normal" and beyond as needed.  


Along the way, I will help you navigate the legal process, talk through the overwhelming emotions, work through financial and parenting agreements,

help you rediscover your best self, and create the future you truly want.

When our work is done, you will be secure in your new life, confident in what you want next and have a very clear plan of how you will get there.



From the very start, Rachael encouraged me to explore my options prior to separation and helped me get the information I needed to make informed decisions. She felt like a trusted friend who walked me through every step of the process.  I often called her asking "Am I over-reacting?"  It was so helpful to have someone who would listen and not pass judgment and could help me discover the best solutions.  It made it so much easier to keep my emotions in check and handle my separation and divorce with a clear and rational head. Because of Rachael, I view my divorce as a part of my growth process, rather than a negative and tumultuous time in my life.
- Deborah

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